“The present work proves that wireless communications
can be a valid option and can support the data networks of a wind farm either by replacing old copper infrastructures or as an alternative backup for fiber connections.”

Wireless as an alternative Communication Network in Wind Farms

Vestas was founded in 1979, gaining a market-leading position with more than 58 GW of installed wind turbines, comprising around 19% of total global capacity. Vestas is the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy, as shown by our superior cost-effective wind technologies, products and services.

Wind farms communication networks are mainly supported by cabled infrastructures, either by using copper or fiber as the transmission medium. Among others, one phenomena that frequently disrupt copper based networks are lightning storms (or electric discharges), which, on a worst case scenario, can result in terminal equipment failure and consequent replacement. Wireless networks can be used either as a replacement technology for copper infrastructures or as an added redundancy to fiber connections. The absence of cables also reduces the time for installation of the data network and increases the number of options available to installers.

Download the case study to know how Vestas is using Wireless as an alternative communication network in their Wind Farms.

Download the Case Study

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